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Human adults: “Normal” is a cultural construct

Posted by Holger:

ChatPDF: According to page 12 of this PDF, “normal” is a cultural construct designed to express our culturally contingent values around how people should behave. It is a normative and hegemonic term that can be used as an instrument for cultural and interpersonal oppression. The author argues that there’s no such thing as a normal person or psyche, and that the term “normal” should not be used to judge or suppress aspects of one’s personality that may be viewed as abnormal by others.


According to page 16 of this PDF, every sense of one’s own inadequacy or wrongness is nothing but internalized cultural programming. This means that our beliefs and values about what is right or wrong, good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable are shaped by the culture we live in. These beliefs and values can be so deeply ingrained in us that we may not even be aware of them. The author suggests that understanding this cultural programming is important for our spiritual and contemplative life, as it can help us recognize and challenge the limiting beliefs that hold us back from living a fulfilling life.


Pathologizing: The #1 Social Epidemic Of Our Time?
Here is the (messy) PDF of the YT transcript.

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Created: May 15, 2023 
Last modified: May 15, 2023

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