How to do Self Inquiry – The Dyad Process –

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How to do Self Inquiry – The Dyad Process

Posted by Holger:

How to do Self Inquiry – The Dyad Process (Tell me Who you Are)


“What is direct knowledge of your true nature?
When we usually speak of knowing something, we are speaking about information received from the mind and senses in the form of experience. It is the conditioned self or personality that experiences and knows through the mind and senses. Direct knowledge of your true nature is not mediated by the mind and senses.”

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Created: February 11, 2023 
Last modified: February 11, 2023

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2 responses to “How to do Self Inquiry – The Dyad Process”

  1. Magdi Badawy Avatar
    Magdi Badawy

    We cannot know the knower via the known.
    Only via the knower can the knower know the knower.
    Only via understanding about consciousness can the knower be known.
    The mind is the veil via which the knower veils itself from itself.

    1. Holger Avatar

      But who knows that ❤️

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