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Hearing, reflecting, meditating

Posted by Holger:

Shravana, Manana, Nididhyasana
00:05:04 The Honey of Nonduality



ChatGPT: Swami Sarvapriyananda introduces a text called the Advaita Makaranda, which is a collection of insights and arguments from various non-dual texts. The text aims to convince readers that they are Brahman, the absolute reality, through a set of arguments based on our present experience.

Swamiji explains that there are three paradigms of spiritual life: the devotional paradigm, the knowledge paradigm, and the meditative paradigm. The Advaita Makaranda falls under the knowledge paradigm, which involves hearing, reflecting, and meditating to understand the central message of Vedanta. The text demands attention and is unique in its approach to convincing readers that they are Brahman.


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Created: June 12, 2023 
Last modified: July 7, 2023

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