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Good Stuff from Ralph (-;

Posted by Holger:

Permitting your life to be taken over by another person is like letting the waiter eat your dinner.

Find yourself, for courage and confidence are as easy as breathing to the person who really knows who they are.

Some people prolong their unhappiness by dramatizing it, which is like expecting applause for having a headache.

THE FOUNDATION OF RELIGION of dogmas or beliefs

Growing up into the fullness of inner strength is as exciting as seeking gold and as rewarding as finding it.

A warring world has no power to injure your real nature any more than darkness can shake a tree.

We are rewarded according to personal effort, like a person who is given as much land as they can walk over during a day.

Talking about love does not make a person loving any more than talking about sugar makes them a slice of cake.

Society is like a crowd in carnival costumes with everyone fearful that others will see through their disguise.

Danger recognized as danger is not hazardous, as with a sailor who sights and steers away from rocks in the sea.

A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.

Remove the dark cloud of negative thought, and the guiding star of understanding brightly appears.

People worry over the absence of worry, which is like thinking that the end of the storm means the end of the sky.

Some people are like a lost tourist who has forgotten they have a map in their pocket which can direct them to their hotel.

If you can talk a monkey out of a banana you can talk logic with someone whose self-interest rejects logic.

Inner liberty can be judged by how often a person feels offended, for you can no more insult a mature person than you can paint the air.

Thinking that stubborn beliefs can give us a new life is like watching a stone statue, hoping it will move.

Life is never too tough for your higher self, any more than a rock is too much for a river.

Talking to the average person about something higher than sex and money is like talking to a rabbit about a rainbow.

Like an army doctor treating enemy soldiers, truth is patient and kindly toward the parts of us which resist correction.

When sad, we need only realize that we are in the wrong place internally, like a lark that belongs in the sky, not in a cage.

Just as a single wave is powered by the entire ocean, a sincere mind has vast resources at its command.

You can refuse entrance to unhappy moods, but you must be alert, just as you might close a window at the first sign of rain.

We can no more enjoy life by hoping for a future result than we can enjoy music by waiting for the final note.

It is as possible to be pleasantly alone with yourself while surrounded by a crowd as it is to walk alone in the peaceful woods.

The truly happy person is one who feels no different when the party ends than they did while it was going on.

Inner guidance is heard like soft music in the night by those who have learned to listen.

A person who falls from a canoe while standing up to attract attention always claim someone pushed them.

Like helpful librarians who aid your search for books, higher powers do for you what you cannot do for yourself.

Your life makes sense when you don’t need other people to confirm that it does, which is the true independence of a soaring eagle.

The difference between living under your own power and under the power of social influence is the difference between songs and tears.

Just as a piano responds to the touch of a musician, a sincere request for solutions will always be answered from a higher source.

Right daily decisions are as simple as smiling, once you see the difference between natural and artificial needs.

The more you let other people tell you how to sail your boat, the less the boat belongs to you.

Loneliness is an impostor who makes you feel far apart from life, but you can see beyond it to happily find yourself approaching home.

Just as there are millions of unseen stars, there are endless inner riches for you to discover.

Foolishness is simply the nervous preference for wrong ideas, like a sailor anxiously hugging a broken compass.

It is no more necessary to live at the mercy of mental howls than it is needful to live next door to a zoo.

Inner correction guarantees outer correction, just as a repaired clock makes its hands go right.

Your true nature never needs to anxiously prove itself to others, but lives in calm command, like a popular queen/king.

Healing finally comes to the sincere seeker, like a sick person who awakens in the morning to find themselves cured.

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Created: May 22, 2024 
Last modified: May 22, 2024

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