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God = Life = Awareness

Posted by Holger:

“God is. God is; and God is now. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. There is no way of changing God, and there is no way of changing God’s plan, but we can bring ourselves into harmony as the [children] of God by realizing: ‘I can of my own self do nothing. I of my own self am nothing. …There is none good but one, that is God.’

Let us relax in the is-ness of God, in the omnipresence of God. Relax from praying for things. Relax from striving and live in the conscious awareness that the nature of God is infinite intelligence. It knows the need, not only of humans, but of every insect and blade of grass. The nature of God is infinite wisdom, and we do not tell God anything. We relax in the realization of His wisdom.

The nature of God is love, and it is God’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom, just as it is His good pleasure to give us light. We do not make the kingdom any more than we make light. We do not force light. We let there be light! We let God’s grace function for us. Let His will be done in earth as it is in heaven, not by might, not by power, but by His own Spirit, by His own wisdom, by His own love. We relax and let.

…You will begin to appreciate how good your health is and how abundant your supply is, only when you stop trying, when you stop struggling, when you relax and rest in the assurance of your oneness with the Father. Why struggle any more? Relax and let that unfoldment come from within.”

Joel S. Goldsmith, “Man Was Not Born to Cry,” pages 191-2

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Created: January 27, 2024 
Last modified: January 27, 2024

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