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Posted by Holger:

The “me”, our most intimate sense of self,
is something we grew into and take for granted.

It is a mental self-image that is kept alive through
10% misguided thinking and
90% muscle-memory.

The “me” is not a problem, but the root of suffering.
Believing it to be all “I am” creates
the sense of personal doership and lack.

Unhappiness is love in disguise,
inviting us to discern the conceptual “me”
from the experiential “I am”.

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Created: July 24, 2023 
Last modified: July 24, 2023

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2 responses to “Fun-da-mental?”

  1. Melissa Avatar

    Yes. The “me” seems to point to the great big tangle, that Ramana says begins with identification with the body. I generalize that to mean all the conditioning that has arisen from believing we “live” in a space-time dimensional existence. But good luck trying to exit from that! That’s the heart of my daily sadhana. So grateful for friends who understand what the hell I’m even talking about. 💘

    1. Holger Avatar

      No need to exit from the mess (-;
      it dissolves on its own.

      “And you will know the truth,
      and the truth will set you free.”
      John 8:32

      “I am” aware of the “me”-tangle;
      isn’t it amazing all of it…

      Gratitude ❤️

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