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Free will, control and choice?!

Posted by Holger:

I uploaded a 20 page transcript of this week’s Satsang.

Roger Castillo discusses the concepts of free will, control, and choice in his satsang. He distinguishes between the feeling of free will and the belief in free will, emphasizing that the feeling of free will is a gift, while the belief in free will causes suffering. He acknowledges the feeling of free will but points out that it is illusory, as everything is predetermined by genes and conditioning. Castillo also addresses the paradox of choice coexisting with predetermination, explaining that while everything is predetermined, there is still the experience of making choices based on one’s genes and conditioning. He emphasizes that in theory and practice, individuals are not in control, as decisions and outcomes are determined by genes, conditioning, and the unfolding of life’s story. This perspective challenges the conventional understanding of free will and control, highlighting the role of conditioning and the illusory nature of the feeling of free will.

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Created: November 23, 2023 
Last modified: November 23, 2023

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