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FPOBH: Fundamental Principle Of Being Human

Posted by Holger:

Inspired by Allen, in a Zoom related to SmileOfBeing.com


In general, the concept of the “fundamental principle of being human” can vary depending on different philosophical, spiritual, or cultural perspectives. It refers to a fundamental aspect or core principle that characterizes human existence and nature.

Various philosophical and spiritual traditions offer different perspectives on this fundamental principle. Some common themes and ideas include:

Consciousness: Many philosophical and spiritual traditions emphasize the significance of consciousness as a fundamental aspect of being human. Consciousness is seen as the source of subjective experience, self-awareness, and the capacity for understanding and reflection.

Reason and Rationality: The ability to reason, think critically, and engage in rational discourse is often considered a defining characteristic of being human. The capacity for abstract thinking, logic, and the pursuit of knowledge are seen as essential aspects of human nature.

Ethics and Morality: Human beings are often associated with a moral sense or ethical principles that guide their actions and interactions. Concepts such as empathy, compassion, fairness, and the pursuit of the common good are considered central to human nature.

Free Will and Agency: The capacity to make choices and act autonomously is another aspect frequently associated with being human. The belief in free will suggests that individuals have the ability to shape their own lives and make decisions that impact their existence.

Existential Meaning and Purpose: Many people search for meaning and purpose in their lives. The quest for understanding one’s place in the world, the nature of reality, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment are fundamental aspects of human existence.

It’s important to note that different philosophical and spiritual traditions may have distinct interpretations and emphases when it comes to the fundamental principles of being human. These concepts are often the subject of ongoing debate and exploration within various fields of study, including philosophy, psychology, anthropology, and theology.

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Created: July 15, 2023 
Last modified: July 15, 2023

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