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Forget the teaching

Posted by Holger:

“This teaching in many ways is unique. Usually with a teaching, it is to make a note of it, study hard, use it in practice. What I’m telling you is, forget the teaching. Let it work by itself. Very important!

Forget the teaching because “who” wants to remember the teaching? It’s the ego that wants to remember the teaching and wants to use that teaching to achieve something. But if you forget the teaching, then the teaching leading to the understanding will work by itself. And if the teaching doesn’t lead to the understanding, then it’s not worth it. So either way, forget the teaching! It’s either effective or not effective. If it’s not effective then there’s no question. If it is effective, let it be effective!

Will the ego want to contribute to its own annihilation?

No. The ego wants the teaching only to be able to use it, to achieve something – not for its own annihilation. If the teaching is forgotten the ego is forgotten, and the teaching works by itself.

Your effort is the obstruction. That’s why I say forget the teaching don’t try to use it. Let that understanding work at whatever level.”

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Created: May 29, 2023 
Last modified: May 29, 2023

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2 responses to “Forget the teaching”

  1. Magdi Badawy Avatar
    Magdi Badawy

    Your love for truth is sufficient. It will lead you to explore your beliefs and to contemplate the dharma.
    Understanding becomes inevitable.
    Understanding is the truth re-membering itself. God reveals itself to you and in this revelation dissolves ignorance and removes the impression of duality.

  2. Daddy-Wags Avatar

    You came for the journey, a trek through the woods with your-self alone; not as an end seeking fulfillment, except in so far as traverse manifests destiny.

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