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Excerpt from “Ellam Ondre”

Posted by Holger:

Thank you Ralph!


1. All including the world seen by you and yourself, the seer of the world, is One only.

2. All that you consider as I, you, he, she and it, is One only.

3. What you consider to be sentient beings and what you consider to be insentient, such as earth, air, fire and water is all One.

4. The good which is derived by your considering all as One cannot be had by considering each as separate from the other. Therefore, All is One.

5. The knowledge of the unity of all, is good for you and good for others as well. Therefore, All is One.

6. He who sees “I am separate”, “you are separate”, “he is separate” and so on, acts one way to himself and another way to others. He cannot help doing so. The thought “I am separate, others are separate” is the seed from which grows the tree of differing actions in relation to different persons. How can there be any lapse from righteousness for a person who knows the unity of himself with others? As long as the germ of differentiation is there, the tree of differing actions will flourish, even unawares. Therefore give up differentiation. All is One only.

7. Ask yourself, “If in the world all things appear different, how can I consider all as One? Is there any way of gaining this knowledge?” The reply is, “In the same tree we see leaves, flowers, berries and branches, different from one another, yet they are all One because they are all included in the word “tree”. Their root is the same; their sap is the same. Similarly, all things, all bodies, all organisms are from the same Source and activated by a single life principle.” Therefore, All is One.

8. O good man! Is the statement that “All is One” good or evil? Think for yourself. Just as the person will always be righteous who regards himself like others and others like himself, how can any evil attach itself to him who knows himself to be others and the others to be himself? Tell me if there is any better way for obtaining good than the knowledge of Unity? Certainly other methods cannot be as good as this one. How can anyone love others more than when knowing them to be himself, to know them in unity-love as Unity, for they are truly One.

9. Who can share the mental peace and freshness of the knower of Unity? He has no cares. The good of all is his own good. A mother considers her children’s well-being to be her own well-being. Still, her love is not perfect because she thinks she is separate and her children are separate. The love of a sage, who has realised the unity of all, far excels even the love of a mother. There is no other means of gaining such love than the knowledge of Unity. Therefore, All is One.

10. Know that the world as a whole is your undecaying body and that you are the everlasting life of the whole world. Tell me if there is any harm in doing so? Who fears to go the harmless way? Be courageous. The Vedas teach this very Truth. There is nothing but your Self. All good will be yours. You become good itself. All that others gain from you will be good only. Who will work evil to his own body and soul? A remedy is applied if there is an abscess in the body. Even if the remedy is painful, it is meant to do good only. Such will be some of your actions; they will also be for the good of the world. For that reason, you will not be involved in differentiation. I put it briefly: the knower of Unity will act as one should. In fact, the knowledge of Unity makes him act. He cannot err. In the world, he is God [Reality] made visible. All is One.


Ellam Ondre

One Source

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Created: May 16, 2024 
Last modified: May 16, 2024

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