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Everybody is right from the perspective of happiness

Posted by Holger:

“So, I’m gonna sort of go off track a little bit to talk about an interesting topic. Because, this is an attitude that we really need to develop, and that is that everybody is right from the perspective of happiness. We need to be able to see everybody as right, especially those with a different view. To us, a different set of ideologies, to us a different set of preferences, to us a different set of personalities and ways of living, to us different belief structures. To us, to be able to see them as right, and our thinking will say no, you know. If someone believes something that I fundamentally disbelieve of, let’s say I’ve given it lots of thought and after giving it lots of thought I’ve put that option aside and says, ‘I can’t subscribe to that way of looking at a situation.’”

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Created: February 6, 2023 
Last modified: February 6, 2023

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3 responses to “Everybody is right from the perspective of happiness”

  1. Magdi Badawy Avatar
    Magdi Badawy

    Happiness, wisdom and love are one.
    From the perspective of happiness, there is no lack. From the perspective of wisdom, there is no other, wherever my eyes fall is God. From the perspective of love, all is one (non-dual) reality.
    This understanding is essential as it reveals our true nature and the nature of experience.

  2. William Reinecke Avatar
    William Reinecke

    I think it was Hakuuin who properly said, “when others are wrong, I too am wrong. When I am wrong, I am wrong alone.” Look at what it is, that momentary fracture, that makes the other wrong. How right is that?

  3. Maha Avatar

    No, this not right 😂

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