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For a 6-year old: what is entropy?

Entropy is a bit of a complex concept,
but I’ll try to explain it in a simple way
that a 6-year-old might understand.

Imagine you have a box of colorful building blocks,
and you’ve sorted them all by color,
with each color in its own section of the box.
At first, everything is very neat and organized.
This is like a low-entropy situation
because everything is in order.

Now, imagine you start playing and mixing up
all the blocks, so they’re all mixed together
with no order. It’s like a big colorful mess!
This is a high-entropy situation
because everything is all jumbled up and disorganized.

So, in simple terms,
entropy is a way to measure how messy
or disorganized things are.
When things are neat and tidy,
like your blocks sorted by color,
there’s low entropy.
But when things are all mixed up and messy,
like your blocks all jumbled together,
there’s high entropy.

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Posted by: Holger Hubbs
Created: September 3, 2023
Last modified: September 3, 2023
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