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Enjoy the experience of the pain of death

Posted by Holger:

Thank you, Kathleen:

“How can I be in love, in ecstasy, when I love somebody and they die? Because you can enjoy the experience of the pain of death. You can look at every single experience in your life and say, ‘Wow, this is so real. I must have loved this person so much. Look at my heart. It’s in so much pain and sorrow. It must have loved this person so much.’ And there’s going to be this period of adjustment, and the energy has to rearrange because it can’t go out and tie together like it used to. Your energy used to go out and tie together with the person, but now they are not there.

So it’s going to go through adjustment. Can you be amazed by the process? For instance, your body has this thing called an immune system. When it’s doing its thing, you might get a fever. You might feel some pain. It’s going through healing. When somebody dies or leaves you, whatever it is, the heart can’t tie in. The shock that it can’t tie together the way it used to. It has to go through healing. It has to re-adjust just like your immune system does. You don’t have to do it. It does it by itself. You just don’t want it to do it. And so you suppress that. So it’s not that you feel joy because somebody died (or left you); you remain open to the experience. Just like you do to the sunset. In other words, ‘When he died, I felt so much loss. It touched me to the depth of my being.’ You’ve let it in. You didn’t say, ‘No, I can’t handle this.’

It’s energy that’s coming in trying to pass through you so you can have that experience. Do you know that if you have an experience that you got married and it didn’t work out and you got divorced, and someone else had an experience that they got married and it worked out perfectly fine until they died, both are wonderful? You can’t have every experience, but for God’s sake, please have the ones that are given to you. Have the experience. That’s what it means to be open. That’s what it means to be spiritual. That’s what it means to remain in a seat of complete well-being while you are going through the process of learning to be OK, learning to heal, learning to enjoy, accept, surrender. That’s so beautiful. That’s Christ on the cross. He said, ‘May I pass this cup?’ Why did he say that? Because there was a human aspect of his being, and who wants to go through that? Nobody. And he saw it and he said, ‘May I pass the cup.’ The moment he said, ‘May I pass the cup,’ then what did he say? ‘No, I’m sorry, not my will, but thy will.’ In other words, I will accept and let pass through even that terrible experience. I will let that pass through. In other words, forgive them for they know not what they are doing. That’s spirituality. That’s you. You are capable of it. Don’t you dare think you’re not. Understand your body is capable of being healthy. Pretty much. You can go to a doctor. You can do some stuff. Eat better. You can do things. You can be healthy inside. And healthy inside is to be filled with ecstasy. Do you know what in yoga we call your interbeing, your interstate? Satchidananda. That’s what the yogis found when they went inside. Eternal conscious ecstasy. But they had to transcend the garbage. And so you get to the point where you realize, ‘I did this. I don’t have to feel guilty. That’s just another trip. I did this. I stored this stuff in here. I do it every day.’ Reality unfolds. You can’t handle reality. You start storing this garbage. That is what is blocking your shakti. I promise you. There is nothing in there that is blocking your shakti except what you stored in there. What happens if it comes back up? You see it. You start crying. You go through all the pain and you release it. You can’t sleep because you are so filled with energy. It releases the energy that you stored down there and it releases the energy that was keeping it down there. You stored the energy of the natural event because you couldn’t handle it. And now you’re pushing it down. So you are wasting your energy fighting the energy you stored. That’s why suppression is so bad. That is what spirituality is. Learning not to store more down there. And learning to let go of what you store down there. It’s called purification. Purification is you don’t have that stuff in there. I guarantee, what you have in there is beautiful up-rushing energy, feeding you all the time. And you’ll notice the moment something happens that you don’t like it, it stops. Until you say, ‘OK, I can handle this. I don’t want to store more stuff.’ And then the energy comes right back.

Spirituality is cleansing. It’s purification. And it’s not going to happen until you realize that you were doing it. What mommy did is not going to go away. It’s deep. You have to learn to not store more stuff. Can you accept? Can you surrender to it and let it come all the way in? First you experience it, then you’ll see if there’s something for you to do. Not ‘I can’t handle it,’ and then wait until you see what to do because you are not surrendering activity, action. Life is an interactive sport. You are surrendering the fact that you are resisting the inner resistance. You start practicing letting go.”

— Michael Singer

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Created: June 14, 2024 
Last modified: June 14, 2024

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