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Ego-self to being-ness

Posted by Holger:

How the shift in perception from ego-self to being-ness
changes our relationship to life | Amoda Maa


“The inner revolution brings about a fundamental shift in consciousness, perception, attention, and allegiance from the surface of the ego self to the field of beingness that is closer to home. The conventional default position is to be trapped by being identified by different layers of identity that remain unexamined, creating suffering. However, recognizing the field of beingness as the fabric out of which we are made brings about an energetic recognition that allows us to fall into our true identity, which is the I am, the beingness.

This radical shift changes not only how we relate to ourselves but also how we relate to each other, all things, and life itself. We become very intimate with life and see through the unbounded vista of beingness, which is a quieter, softer, and more open way of relating. Even when pain or turbulence arises, it can be held in this openness and beingness. This awakening to our true nature is not a mythical destination of enlightenment where everything is perfect but a falling into the deepest, most intimate, and innermost knowing of beingness itself.”

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Created: June 7, 2023 
Last modified: June 7, 2023

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