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ECC = Early Childhood Conditioning

Posted by Holger:

Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting


Updated lyrics:

“Oh ho ho hohhh…
Should, would, could… hah!
The end of suffering is clear… hah, huh!
… … …”


ChatGPT: “If you’re looking for a name to describe the act of updating a 50-year-old song from your childhood, you could consider using the term ‘Remastered Version’ or ‘Reimagined Edition’ to convey that the song has been refreshed and modified for a contemporary audience. Alternatively, you could go with something like ‘Revitalized Lyrics’ or ‘Modernized Rendition’ to emphasize the updated nature of the song while still paying homage to its original form. Ultimately, the choice of name depends on the specific changes made to the song and the overall tone you wish to convey with the updated version.”


Thank you Lisa (-;
perfect timing.

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Created: June 23, 2023 
Last modified: June 23, 2023

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