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Dumb Machine!

Posted by Holger:

I often use Siri for mental hygiene, to get things out of my head, for later review.

This morning, in the dim light of dawn, the phrase “Son of God, son of man” came to mind; in regard to identity, related to how happiness is our true nature, but unhappiness is self-entertained due to faulty thinking and misidentification.

Like usual, I pushed the button and said:
“Hey Siri, remind me…”
followed by “Son of God, son of man”.
And to my surprise the reply was:
OK, from now on I will call you
“Son of God, son of man”.

I tried several more times in slight variations…
but without success.

Funny? Siri changed my nickname.

My innocent response was: “Dumb machine!”
and Siri’s response: “That’s not nice”.

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Created: June 5, 2023 
Last modified: June 5, 2023

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