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Drop being egg heads and risk being friends!

Posted by Holger:

On Mon, Dec 19, 2022 at 12:00pm, William wrote:

Dear Holger,
1) Author Page doesn’t work, (“Something went wrong.”) and I am logged in.
2) I presume that’s the place I need to go to make inputs,
such as who I am interested in as a teacher?
Is that right? I’d like to do that.

I don’t see anything childish whatsoever on this site. On the contrary its organization is better than any other I have seen in recent memory. Websites to me are usually mazes in which to get lost. I am struck by how easily I can find information, even though I wasn’t really looking for something in particular. This is not a compliment but an observation and a note of gratitude and appreciation.

The map is brilliant, necessary I’d say, it grounds us in this nebulous web world.

You ask: “As a reporter what would you share regarding the end of unhappiness?” I am indeed a reporter, both a journalist and also as someone who is most often free to share the details of my life and how and why I suffer. In the jnana tradition, which I think we are following here, short shrift is usually (always?) made of such things, regarding all of it as just the play of ignorance.

The drawback is that we promote a very dry and a very false image of what we all are contending with. It encourages an intellectual and distanced stance on the difficulties and, often, the agonies of our private lives.

If it’s so inconsequential this rubbish and rabble of the mind, then let’s hear about it, let’s be out with it if you really think it has nothing to do with Me. Are people truly willing to go there and have their images revealed and examined? So to answer your question, I offer that it all be shared, every bit of it so that we can see it and understand that others suffer like I do and then move on to be done with it.

I am saying, can we drop being egg heads and risk being friends?

Is that what you are asking?

You may share any or all of this with anyone.


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Created: December 19, 2022 
Last modified: December 19, 2022

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