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00:18 What are dreams?

00:32 Two types of dreams

00:44 The emergence of your sub-conscious
– there is no part of mind outside consciousness
– the part that is not available in the waking-state, but wants to make itself known
– more personal dreams

01:31 Other dreams:
– Collective unconscious emerges into our experience
– luminous dreams, impersonal quality
– buried fear, seeking liberation, too painful to face

02:47 Other dreams unaccountable in personal life
– Collective unconscious, that wants to make itself known in your personal mind

03:02 Third type of dreams: message from our deepest Being
– sacred dreams

04:23 What is aware of dreaming?
– No matter if a lucid dream or a regular dream, whatever is aware is exactly the same awareness

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Created: November 6, 2022
Last modified: November 9, 2022
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