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Design Icons: Debbie Millman

Posted by Holger:

I posted this just as an experiment…
“get where I was getting”.

… to better detect and relax the person?
… to better see and address the hypnotism of “me”
as a separate-self?



EXCERPT from Design Icons: Debbie Millman

“Over the course of your career, what’s one of the most powerful lessons you’ve learned?

It was something that I learned from David Lee Roth, the lead singer of the band Van Halen. When I interviewed him about 5 years ago, it was to talk about all of the new ventures he had undertaken in addition to his history with Van Halen. I grew up listening to the band and observing how big Van Halen became. In 1984 they had one of the biggest albums, tours, and videos. They were really one of the most popular bands on the planet. I wanted to ask David what that felt like.

David Lee Roth is very much known as a jester and tells a lot of jokes. He’s very animated and brings a lot of energy into any situation but, when I asked him that question, he got very pensive and thoughtful. He let me know that you have to be very very careful when you get to the tallest mountain in existence, because when you get to the tippy top you’re often alone, it’s always cold, and there’s only one direction to travel. That really, really impacted me because I knew over the course of my life I’d always been in a rush to try and get to the top, and it had already taken a really long time just to get where I was getting. The idea of ever getting to the the top felt really out of reach to me, but after that conversation, I felt like it was ok to take my time because I didn’t want to peak – ever, really. I’d like to think that I peak the day before I die. Now, I don’t feel quite as rushed as I did.”

Read the whole article.

Van Halen – Humans Being


Wow… thank you, but no thank you (-;
Wonderful if someone can enjoy this music.

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Created: August 9, 2023 
Last modified: August 9, 2023

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