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David Hawkins – Quotes

Posted by Holger:

ChatGPT providing quotes, supposedly by David Hawkins:


“The mind always creates dualism
– it always imagines that
there’s an ‘I’ and a ‘me.’
But when we look within,
we discover that there’s actually
no ‘I’ creating a ‘me.’
There is just one continuous ‘I-ing’
– one continuous happening.”


“The purpose of life
is to transcend the ego,
to realize one’s true nature,
and to recognize oneself
as the unchanging awareness
that witnesses all the changes in life.”


“The way to change your life
is to change your mind.”


“Happiness is an inner quality
that exists in the present moment.
It’s based on seeing
the integrity and authenticity of life,
rather than on our personal
or collective interpretations.”


“Love is misunderstood
to be an emotion;
it is a state of awareness,
a way of being in the world,
a way of seeing oneself and others.”


“The world is like a ride
in an amusement park,
and when you choose to go on it,
you think it’s real
because that’s how powerful our minds are.
The ride goes up and down,
around and around;
it has thrills and chills,
and it’s very brightly colored,
and it’s very loud,
and it’s fun… for a while.”


“Peace is not won by those
who fiercely guard their differences,
but by those who with open minds
and hearts seek out connections.”


“The willingness to forgive is a sign
of spiritual and emotional maturity.
It is one of the great virtues
to which we all should aspire.”


“The ego is only an illusion,
but a very influential one.
Letting the ego-illusion become your identity
can prevent you from knowing your true self.”


“The mind is just another sense
like the eyes or ears.
It is not the self,
and it does not ultimately
have any control over us.”


Please keep in mind that quotes can often be interpreted in various ways, and the context of his teachings may provide a deeper understanding of these statements.

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Created: October 30, 2023 
Last modified: October 30, 2023

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