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Collaborative Inquiry

Posted by Holger:

Nancy’s reply to “A bit heady…“:

“I’m humbled! Thank you.
The model relates to a complex but wonderful book
teaching the method, Cooperative Inquiry.
Rather than non-dual, John called it
participatory and spiritual originally.
Many took the spirituality out,
and it became very popular in education
as Collaborative Inquiry.
I believe the book, Coop Inquiry, is free on
There is also an archive of his work in the UK.

There is a big part of my 58-page book that’s based on
“whole brain or body learning,” a book by Jensen,
that I want to change to non-dual or quantum.
Can I send you a copy, and we talk?
I’d love to update. Where do you teach?”

I am unlearning at,
enjoying the gift of life, the end of suffering.
Dis-covering in-team-a-see and money-without-ego.

In short, I am just learning how to use words
and where to find myself in practical daily living.

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Created: August 3, 2023 
Last modified: August 3, 2023

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