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Classical Advaita & Neo Advaita

Posted by Holger:

“Classic Advaita and Radical Advaita
are two different interpretations
of the principles of Non-Duality.

Classic Advaita emphasizes the idea that
individuals are one with the universe
and the universe is within them,
but acknowledges that individuals
may not feel enlightened
and may be seeking guidance.
It offers practical guidance
and has teachers who
provide instruction to students.

On the other hand,
Radical Advaita maintains that
individuals are already enlightened
and there is no need to seek anything,
as there is no ‘little me’ that is separate
from the present moment.

Instead of teachers,
it has speakers who offer a descriptive message
and may come across as confrontational.

Some people resonate with Radical Advaita’s message,
while others do not.”


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The original text came from a friend.
I asked ChatGPT “Could you rephrase this: …”

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Created: January 21, 2023 
Last modified: January 21, 2023

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3 responses to “Classical Advaita & Neo Advaita”

  1. Ron Avatar

    Very well explained.
    I spent four hours yesterday listening (live) to a neo Vedanta speaker. She was a ‘follower’ of Tony Parsons.
    My mind seemed to agree with most of what she was saying… but some things she said raised questions. My mind couldn’t put a finger on it at the time. Starting to become a little clearer…but still feel more clarity could be helpful.
    Wonder how others understand it?

  2. Guy Wouters Avatar
    Guy Wouters

    Hi Ron,

    I am 72, busy with Advaita since my 30.
    And suddenly, somewhere, with somebody, the Gate opened.
    So do nothing, just sit and wait.

    1. Holger Hubbs Avatar
      Holger Hubbs

      Waiting is another trick of the mind?
      Doing happens naturally.
      Sensitive towards
      “i don’t like this”?

      It’s okay to maybe feel uncomfortable.

      Where do I find myself:
      in thinking or as being?

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