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Posted by Holger:

Dear friend,
Learning by doing…

May I ask you for your feedback
regarding the fresh iteration of


According to

“ is a website that focuses on spiritual growth and maturing, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and interconnectedness. The site explores themes such as the nature of consciousness, the role of thinking and the psychological mind, and the pursuit of continuous peace of mind and happiness independent of external circumstances.

The content on includes a glossary of spiritual terms, personal reflections, and reposted content from various spiritual teachers. The site encourages visitors to engage in spiritual practices that involve spending time with oneself without effort, eagerness, or strain, and to be aware of awareness itself.

It also discusses the distinction between the thinking mind, which is often cluttered with unproductive thoughts, and the working mind, which is practical and necessary.

The website features insights from spiritual teachers like Magdi Badawy, Roger Castillo, Rupert Spira, and Mooji, and it encourages readers to reflect on their own beliefs and the nature of their minds. It also touches on the interpretation of religious texts, such as the Bible, in a non-traditional way, suggesting that scripture can be a tool for rediscovering one’s natural state or “kingdom”. seems to be a work in progress, with the creator openly sharing their learning process and inviting readers to explore and discover their own spiritual paths. The site emphasizes that the spiritual journey is not a solo endeavor but one that is shared with others, highlighting the value of spiritual friends and community.”


Please take a look and gift us your comment:

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Created: February 16, 2024 
Last modified: February 16, 2024

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