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New and improved!

Posted by Holger:

I still could use some help with!

I want to see simple words that everyone might welcome,
that deeply resonate.

Not religion, not cult, no hope, no belief, no waiting,
but simple pointers to peace and clarity.

As of right now it may seem impossible, but why not!
Love, listening, relaxing… and the words might just
bubble up.

Look at it as an empty canvas:

Truth is simple, the seeker is complex.

– What do I really want?
– What can I be really certain about?

– Happiness is Presence, it is not what I think it is.
– Pain happens, suffering is simply a misunderstanding.

– Do I know how mind works?
– Am I experiencing life directly, or is ‘this world’
a potpourri of thinking and muscle-memory?

– Awakening cannot be done by “me”, but happens in good company.

– I am not looking for fancy explanations;
words are being used to dis-cover what is
more important than words, while using words.

– Concepts turning into beliefs become a trap.

Any comment, any idea?


Wouldn’t it be great to have that deeply resonate (and are endorsed by others). Maybe even different versions from different people trying their take on Basic Wisdoms!

As a hub for deeper/practical insights and in-team-a-see.

As a map for rabbit holes?
With some FAQs and Q&As.

As a fun way to have our act together, free of blame,
shame, guilt, expectations and attachments;
comfortable with paradoxes.



Three legitimate uses of the mind:
Celebrate, be practical, share!

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Created: March 13, 2024 
Last modified: March 15, 2024

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  1. Julie Sullivan Avatar
    Julie Sullivan

    Where there is love there is hope!

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