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Already Whole And Complete

Posted by Holger:

“Anything may happen —
what is needed is sincere interest.
Earnestness does it.



I cannot become what I am.
I cannot practice to be myself.

Identified as “me” I entertain a veil.

“What is needed is sincere interest”,
not practice, not effort.


“Hey, wait a moment… since decades
I entertain the idea of enlightenment…
how do I get out of the rat race of ‘me’
getting somewhere?”


The sense of “me” is a mental construct,
we are deeply invested in.


Our main tool in this world of name and form
is what we call ‘mind’: attention, interest, belief,
thoughts, feelings, perceptions, memories.


Mind is a tool,
not a place to live in.


What am I, when mind calms down, here and now?
Relaxing without being lazy.


Isn’t it ridiculous ❤️
Our wholeness is not in thinking/feeling.


“If you take people to be what they think
themselves to be, you will only hurt them,
as they hurt themselves so grievously all the time.
But if you see them as they are in reality,
it will do them enormous good.
If they ask you what to do, what practices to adopt,
which way of life to follow, answer:
‘Do nothing, just be. In being all happens naturally.’”


Only a little one-dering is all that’s needed.

Some free-king-out may happen, but
instead of habitually pulling back into
the “me” narrative, we can witness the
me-chanism of old.


Human friendship, dedicated to truth and love,
is priceless. It gives us the courage to risk to poke
into our own me-bubble,
to bravely examine and understand suffering,
without being intimidated by thoughts or feelings.


It couldn’t be that simple!
complains the “me”.


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Created: October 3, 2023 
Last modified: October 3, 2023

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