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Allen in Pacific Grove 05-2023 😎

Posted by Holger:

We had a little outing…
From PG to Pebble Beach, to Carmel, to Monterey:
Photo Album

No photos from the day before:
we walked in the rain and had yummy Thai Food.


See you again at the

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Created: May 4, 2023 
Last modified: May 4, 2023

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2 responses to “Allen in Pacific Grove 05-2023 😎”

  1. Allen Wagner Avatar
    Allen Wagner

    Holger lives a 15 minute walk from the 1st Pacific Grove Enlightenment Intensive (PGEI) (silent non-dual dyadic meditation), I was attending. We met earlier for a walking (driving day 2) touring the town and its neighbors: the monarch butterfly’s reposing haven (Holger snapping a pic); the Beach House coffee & eatery; the library and (separate) City museum; several local, physically grand-standing (artistic) expressions of Joy; a plethora of denominational (or not) churches with (significant) institutional expense; and, the best local eateries and sweet-shop around. PG’s a quaint town of locals, and numerous historic-seeking tourists, dreamt as a preserved local contender for Seaport of northern California (think Newburyport to Boston). A lovely dyadic, speaking, sight-seeking, truthful pre-essence. Thanks for the giving Holger!

    1. Holger Avatar

      Thank you Allen,
      I don’t fully understand what you just shared, but it feels good (-;
      Precious knowing you!

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