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Addiction to stimulation

Posted by Holger:

How interesting that we need to constantly feel something,
perceive something, experience something, do something….
It’s some sort of addiction… to what?
Addiction to stimulation,
constant input/output,
the need to feel something,
To maintain something?
What for?
We don’t truly know.
We rarely if ever take a look at this addiction
and therefore we don’t ask this question.
Do we fear being still, empty?
Do we fear silence and not-knowing?
What are we holding on to and for what purpose?
We need to be someone, for whom?
Who is putting up this show and on whose behalf?

Magdi @ PathToHappiness.Love

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Created: December 9, 2022 
Last modified: December 10, 2022

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2 responses to “Addiction to stimulation”

  1. Frank Avatar

    Magdi Thx for this great reminder that our true self awareness is complete as it is.

  2. Robert Caldwell Avatar
    Robert Caldwell

    Interesting relevant questions you ask. Conceptually speaking, I acknowledge these addictive tendencies in my consciousness and have labeled it “Samsara Majiya” (trapped by desire), a by-product of inescapable Maya. I also include here, the desire to be free of desire…to reside solely as I AM, and while I am able to now acknowledge the I AM aspect, (which keeps me somewhere in the middle), the “Hungry Ghosts” persist. I’m not sure, but I think perhaps it helps grease the axle as I am able to laugh a bit at the whole ludicrous predicament. thanks. love.

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