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#49 Resonance of Being: Mauro Bergonzi

Posted by Holger:


(Soon we are adding more chapters from his book.)


ChatGPT: Mauro Bergonzi, describes himself as a religious scholar and teacher. He explains that he does not consider himself a teacher in the traditional sense, as he does not have a message or teaching to convince people to change. Instead, he sees his communication as an expression, similar to music or dance, done for the joy of it. He prefers to describe his meetings as a sharing of being, where the resonance of being can become apparent for some individuals. He emphasizes that being is already here and there is no need for people to change in order to reach it.

Mauro also shares his personal journey, mentioning that as a child, religion did not evoke a sense of sacredness in him. However, he felt a deep sense of mystery and power when looking at the starry sky or experiencing storms. He now has words to describe these feelings and believes that the resonance of being can be experienced in various situations, such as seeing a child’s smile or even interacting with unpleasant people. Mauro concludes by stating that while expertise and improvement are important in certain areas of life, there are no experts who can teach someone how to reach awakening or being.

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Created: August 24, 2023 
Last modified: August 24, 2023

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