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Courage is my essence // 27-28

Posted by Holger:

Sunday, February 26, 2023 3:45 pm (California Time)  

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Looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday evening
and sharing pointers from a true sage.
Satsang is noble friendship or good company.
Shanti     Shanti     Shanti


Chapter 27
The Beginningless Begins Forever

Q: What is courage?

NM: I live on courage. 
Courage is my essence, which is love of life. 
I am free of memories and anticipations,
unconcerned with what I am and what I am not…
I have the courage to be as nothing
and to see the world as it is: nothing. 
It sounds simple, just try it!    105


Q: Can Pure Being be described?

NM: Being shines as knowing, knowing is warm in love.
It is all one.
You imagine separations and trouble yourself with questions. 
Don’t concern yourself overmuch with formulations.
Pure Being cannot be described.   105-6


Q: Can Being be experienced?

NM: You are dragging down reality to the level of experience…
Experience is, after all, a state of mind,
while being is definitely not a state of mind.   106


Q: Can bliss be known?

NM: The undisturbed state of being is bliss;
the disturbed state is what appears as the world.
In non-duality there is bliss; in duality – experience.

What comes and goes is experience
with its duality of pain and pleasure. 

Bliss is not to be known.
One is always bliss, but never blissful.
Bliss is not an attribute.   106


Q: Can a wise man help me?

NM: There are no others to help…
How can a wise man (jnani) be said to help, when he is not apart?
Who thinks of himself as separate from world,
let him help the world…
The only thing that can help is to wake up from the dream.   107


Q: What is the highest generosity?

NM: I began just now.
All else is memory…
The beginningless begins forever.
In the same way, I give eternally, because I have nothing. 
To be nothing, to have nothing,
to keep nothing for oneself is the greatest gift,
the highest generosity.   107


Q: Is there no self-concern left?

NM: Of course I am self-concerned, but the self is all. 
In practice it takes the shape of goodwill,
unfailing and universal.

You may call it love,
all-pervading, all-redeeming.

Such love is supremely active – without the sense of doing.   107


Chapter 28   
All Suffering Is Born of Desire

Q: Who am I?

NM: Neither the perceived, nor the perceiver…
Not even the perceiving,
but That which makes all this possible.   109


Q: What is love?

NM: When the sense of distinction and separation is absent,
you may call it love.  109


Q: What is compassion?

NM: Love may cause pain. You call it then compassion.


Q: What is happiness?

NM: Harmony between the inner and the outer.  110


Q: What is the real cause of suffering?

NM: Self-identification with the limited…
It is the mind, bewildered by wrong ideas,
addicted to thinking:
‘I am this, I am that’,
that fears loss and craves gain and suffers when frustrated.   110


Q: What is the supreme remedy for all ills?

NM: Noble friendship (satsang)
is the supreme remedy for all ills, physical and mental. 110


Q: Where to find noble friendship?

NM: Seek within.
Your own self is your best friend.   110


Q: Why is life so full of contradictions?

NM: It serves to break down mental pride. 
We must realize how poor and powerless we are.
As long as we delude ourselves by what we imagine ourselves to be,
to know, to have, to do, we are in a sad plight indeed. 
Only in self-negation there is a chance to discover our real being.   110


Q: Why so much stress on self-negation?

NM: As much as on Self-realization. 
The false self must be abandoned before the real Self can be found.   111


Q: Can I be selfish?

NM: By all means be selfish – the right way. 
Wish yourself well, labor at what is good for you.
Destroy all that stands between you and happiness. 
Be all – love all – be happy – make happy.
No happiness is greater.   111


Q: Is frustration inevitable?

NM: All suffering is born of desire.
True love is never frustrated.
How can the sense of unity be frustrated?
What can be frustrated is the desire for expression.
Such desire is of the mind. 
As with all things mental, frustration is inevitable.   111


Q: How to love?

NM: Without love all is evil.
Life itself without love is evil…
You are love itself – when you are not afraid.   112


Please RSVP to Ron@Nondual.Community and you will receive a Zoom link for Sunday ❤️

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