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Pre-Home (Welcome)

We habitually rush and don’t see
that “me” is simply a belief.
I did this for 50+ years.


About Love

Love, not a fuzzy feeling for “me”, but the clarity and presence I am (no-thing personal).

Home (Dis-cover)

Lorri commented on
The person cannot
Gratitude arises for the
gift of friendships.
Welcoming all to come
and sit with us [in the Garden].
See y’all soon,

  1. Beautifully beautiful. Thank you James 🤩

  2. Good day Holger, This is the first time I’ve known about Sarvapriyananda. I’m so happy to listen to his clear…

  3. Thank you James! What do I really know? An untangling happens by grace, not in my control. The “me” wants…